Tuesday, January 30, 2007


All right, I was "tagged" in a game of tri tag by TriJack so here are my answers:

1. Describe a memory from your first triathlon ever.
I have to be honest, I've only been able to do one triathlon ever, so that makes it pretty easy. It was a sprint triathlon. I remember the feeling I got when my wife and 2 kids (there were only 2 at the time) arrived and I saw them. The look and excitement on my daughters' faces. The feeling as I entered the pool. The feeling as I passed the person in front of me - it was like a time trial start at 10 second intervals. I remember being so excited on the bike as I passed my family sitting on a blanket watching that I almost ran into another rider. And of course running up the chute and not only finishing it, but finishing strong.

2. Describe a memory from your most recent triathlon.
See number one above. Same triathlon.

3. What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in a tri?
I was so excited as I passed my family sitting on a blanket watching and I was trying to wave, I almost ran into the rider in front of me. That would have been awesome - wiping out in front of family near the transition when I'm not even in a pack.

4. What's the most thrilling thing that's happened to you in a tri?
T1. It was incredible! I obsess about things, so I had practiced my transitions a lot. I had set up a practice zone in my garage, I would run up the driveway, do the transition and bike down the street. Then I would bike back and do T2. So during my triathlon, almost everything went as planned. I forgot to unstrap my shoes, but that was minor. I had my shoes on the bike, positioned horizontally with floss. (If you're wondering, email me and I'll give you details). I ran from the pool, threw on some socks, the glasses, helmet, and number, and I was running out of trasition. No problems. I felt pretty cool.

5. What is something you discovered about yourself by doing triathlons?
I learned that I can easily obsess and need to continually recalibrate to keep things in perspective. I drove my wife so nuts in preparing for this sprint tri, that she nearly didn't bother coming. So now I strive for balance. Hence, Crosstrains. Balancing everything out. I also learned that I can't hold onto excuses. I had problems running in 7th grade because of flat feet and had always said I couldn't run. Period. Now I know I can at least do 6 miles without difficulty. I used my excuse to limit myself. Now I'm trying to get rid of other excuses that are limiting me.

6. What is The Big Goal that you're working towards?
Ironman. Someday. I think that will be after my daughters have left home. Or when I'm independently wealthy and work won't get in the way. And after I've adequately explained this craziness to my wife. Until then, which is about 18 years away, I'll probably work up to Olympic distance. I think that's a good distance to stay in really great shape.

OK, now I'm tagging LoneStarCrank and Wil. If you guys have been tagged, sorry. If not, it's your turn. I've got to go crosstrain.

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LoneStarCrank said...

God love our wives for putting up with this madness. It's always a great feeling when you nail something...even if it is a transition.

Keep at it Tripp!