Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ice Days

I’m back at work after two ice days. You, see, in South Texas, we can handle cold weather, but we can’t handle cold weather when it’s wet. So when the temperatures hung out at about 29 degrees for 2 days and we accumulated ½ “ ice, the city shut down. I’ll admit,too, we can’t drive on ice. We’re ice idiots. But this idiot stayed home and let the other ones slide around on the ice, so I could have something to watch on the news. We stayed inside and played (we being me, wife, and 3 kids). We even went out and played some in the ice – in the flower beds and mulch so it was softer. The kids thought it was awesome and one of their favorite treats is now icicles. Don’t tell them it’s just ice.

It was a good chance to recalibrate. To step back and see what’s important. As my wife put it, we “filled up the kids’ love banks.” I didn’t worry about work, I worried about family and devoting some good time to them. I didn’t worry about running or cycling because it was just too cold, even for the indoor trainer in the garage. At least I thought it was too cold until I saw someone running in 29 degree weather. He must not have been from around here.

I hope when the kids get bigger, they remember these days of being cooped up with Mom and Dad (which are always harder on the parents, I’ve decided) and our icicle parties. Then I will think back and smile.

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