Saturday, February 3, 2007

Warning - Blogging May Affect Your Life

Someone should have warned me. Maybe there should be like a Surgeon's General warning when you sign up. "Warning - Blogging May Affect Your Life - Mentally, Physically, and/or Emotionally. Use at your own risk." I know that I wanted to use blogging to analyze things and live deliberately, but come on. (see my first post if you haven't already). Now I'm narrating things in my head like I'm JD on the show Scrubs. That is one of my all-time favorite shows. I love the off-the-wall humor and it's a great break from the stressful drama shows I watch (like 24). ANYWAY, JD narrates the whole time so you know what people are thinking and that's what I've found myself doing. I narrate events in my head as if I were going to describe everything on my blog. I try to come up with catchy titles and links. Is this weird? Do you other bloggers out there sometimes have this problem or is it just me? Probably just me because my wife says I obsess about everything. At least while it's new, and blogging is still pretty new. Maybe I'll settle into it and it will be more normal for me soon.

Speaking of new to blogging, the look and layout here at Crosstrains may be changing some. Tweaking html is definitely not one of my strengths (in fact, I've never really tried it) so I'll be adding some graphics and making it more my own. If you see really weird stuff, missing graphics, dead links, etc, please let me know.

Now on to the rest of my narrated day. I've got to get the kids up - today's crosstraining consists of a 2 year-old birthday party followed immediately by a 5 year-old party, then a family "Pre-SuperBowl" party. I think all that will be a pretty good workout.