Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gluten Free Crosstraining

Gluten free is going well. I won't recommend the diet to non-gluten sensitive people, but I've lost 6 pounds in 6 days and 2% body fat. The meals aren't bad, just different. And I try not to think about not eating my favorite cookies. At work they called me the Cookie Monster because chocolate chip cookies were my weakness. Now I eat a lot of fruit, healthy snacks, and drink a lot of water. Some foods are naturally gluten free (some Clif bars, Slim Fast bars, fruit, vegetables). I'm learning how to quickly read labels for all I eat.

On to training - had a great run yesterday with Doza, my coworker. Longest lunch run yet - 5.6 miles at 9 min pace. That's really good for me. I like being a runner. I must have done something wrong, however, because this morning, my right shoulder blade is killing me and limiting my right arm and neck movements. One of the perks of being a physical therapist - I work on it myself and then let my coworkers help out. It should be much better by tonight.

Now the best news of the week - #3 (the 7 month old) is officially crawling. After a short stint of crawling in a circle, she can now turn and go where she wants to go, which is usually towards her older sisters' toys. A whole new world is opening up and things are getting more interesting around here. Her sisters are great with her. They take time to specifically play with her, entertain her, and tell Dad when she's spit up on our carpet. I worried because #1 and #2 are 18 months apart and #3 is 2 1/2 years behind #2, that she might be left out, but the older girls so far are doing a great job with their sister.

Family - that's what life is about. Please, God, don't let me forget that. That's why I work, but more importantly, why I rush home everyday at 4pm to see their faces light up and scoop them up in my arms. I love it.

Back to life. Back to crosstraining.

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